D2.4 – InteropEHRate Architecture V1 [.pdf]

This report describes a novel architecture for citizen centred EHR interoperability and the structure of its reference implementation.
The InteropEHRate architecture specifies how different actors using applications offered by different vendors will be able to interoperate thanks to open (vendor independent) protocols and APIs.
This document also provides an introduction to the reference implementation, i.e. to the set of software components developed by the project to provide a concrete example of implementation of the open protocols and to support their usage.
A more detailed description of each specific protocol and software component will be described in referred forthcoming deliverables



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Towards an incremental approach to let citizens master the access to and the use of their health data via Interoperable EHRs [.pdf]

EHTEL members welcome the recent initiative of the European Commission towards a ‘Recommendation to establish a Format for a European Electronic Health Record (EHR) Exchange’. It aims to facilitate crossborder interoperability and secure access to electronic health records for seamless exchange and use of health data in the EU.