InteropEHRate aims to support peoples' health by opening them up new ways to make health data available where needed. To make this possible, key health data is managed in "patients' hands", i.e. through Smart EHRs (S-EHR) on mobile devices. Data is always transferred via highly secure channels including a direct device to device

interopEHRate in a nutshell

In short, the project enables patients to be in full control of the usage and the routes of their health data. The central instrument, being laid in "patients' hands" is the Smart EHR (S-EHR), leveraging a set of new protocols for secure and cross border exchange of health data.


The presentation of our consortium

InteropEHRate will develop open interchange protocols supporting patient-centred exchange of health records between patients, healthcare actors and researchers. Thus, the project will contribute to the next steps in follow-up of the February 2019 EC recommendation and help to pave the way towards an open European EHR exchange format and process. It will specifically add a decentral, patient-driven bottom-up approach as an alternative method to the top-down approach of exchanging patient data exclusively via the national contact for points for eHealth (NCPeH).

InteropEHRate is funded by the European Union for 42 months and is implemented by a unique consortium of experienced institutions and qualified experts. InteropEHRate partners represent healthcare solution providers, hospitals, universities and research centers as well as European and local stakeholder associations.

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