InteropEHRate featured at the mHealth Hub Talks 2022

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The European mHealth Hub organises a new mHealth Hub Talk “Citizen-centric EHR data sharing for care and research: the industry perspective” on 16 February 2022, from 16:30 to 17:30.

Organised by the fruitful collaboration of EU, WHO and ITU, in this session InteropEHRate solutions will be presented and discussed with an expert panel of the health technology industry including COCIR, MedTech Europe, University of Oulu and GPI.

The aim of this Talk is to learn what InteropEHRate is developing in support of citizen health data sharing for care and research and showcase how Smart EHRs can adopt InteropEHRate solutions and act as a facilitating vehicle. Adoption barriers and the potential of citizen-centric health data solutions by EHR vendors, medical devices manufacturers and developers of digital therapeutics will be discussed with the expert panel.

For further information about InteropEHRate, you can read the two recently published White papers:

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