White Paper: Real-world evidence in health and care research – The contribution of InteropEHRate

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The importance of real-world data in health and care is coming to the fore. InteropEHRate is keen to offer insights into the opportunities that real-world evidence can offer in the field of research in health and care.

This White Paper explores the background to real-world data challenges in health and care. It focuses on European contributions to international initiatives in this field. It also draws attention to the growing impetus of hybrid approaches to health and care data collection.

The InteropEHRate vision for collecting data for research is to enable citizens to share health data with research centres without a direct intermediary and directly from their own smartphone.

This White Paper presents the InteropEHRate research platform composed by the research data sharing protocol, InteropEHRate Research Services and a reference implementation, and how research institutions benefit from these solutions. 

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