ELO Network Bari

Published by Stephan Schug on

Inspired by a Study Visit on “Integrated Healthcare, EHR and Telehealth in Puglia”, the EHTEL/ELO Network of competence centres (22 May) kicked off reflections on the “our data, our health, our care” theme:

  • Round table reporting focused on patient access to their data and preparatory steps for secondary data use as enabler for AI (“AI friendly eco-system“).
  • Invited speakers presented models for Human-Driven Data Economy (Sitra, FI – see also HIMSS Europe side event at THL) and for data donation enabled by an EHR for research (TMF, DE).
  • DG Santé outlined the next steps for the “EHRxF” recommendation (Interoperable EHR for cross-border data sharing).
  • In turn, EHTEL member engineering presented the InteropEHRate project (www.interopehrate.eu) that put’s “EHR in people’s hands across Europe” and will complement the (cross-border) data sharing organised by EC and Member States with a bottom-up approach based on a Smart EHR (on mobile  devices).